Ferry crossing

Ferry crossing

With your own car on winter holiday to Norway or Sweden? Take the ferry!

Comfortable by ferry to Oslo

Do you want to go on a winter holiday to Norway or Sweden, but you don’t feel like driving the whole stretch? The ferry offers the solution! In Northern Germany, a luxury ferry departs from Kiel. You can get on the ferry with your own car and you will spend the night in a nice cabin.

The ferry departs every day at 2 pm and arrives in Oslo the next morning at 10 am. Since you can bring your own car, you have the possibility to bring more luggage than if you were flying.

Accommodations on board
The ferry offers cabins suitable for 2, 3, 4 and for 5 persons. All cabins have a private bathroom with toilet and shower. Inside cabins do not offer windows, but outside cabins do.

During your trip to Scandinavia, there is plenty of entertainment on board. A theater-performance is given twice per trip, there is a swimming pool, a casino and there are several shops, restaurants and bars. On the day of arrival, we recommend you wake up early. After breakfast, you can go to the Observation Lounge, the ferry is sailing through the Oslo Fjord then. There is no better start to your winter holiday!

To the destination
The ferry crossing is ideal for destinations such as Trysil, Hemsedal and Sälen. These ski areas are a 2.5 to 3.5 hrs drive from Oslo. This crossing is perhaps less suitable for a stay in Åre, as this is an 8 hrs drive from Oslo.